Get Involved with Winston For Peace

Winston-Salem for Peace and Justice is a local youth-led organization that aims to provide students with the opportunity to advance their own solutions to the social issues that matter most to them. The community outreach is led by students, who are given free rein to design and implement their own events with support from Winston for Peace. Winston for Peace provides social media platforms, resources, and a network of like-minded students. Members of our community club (who can be of any age), will volunteer, participate, and execute in youth-led initiatives that they are most passionate about. We also intend to partner with other local organizations to learn and make even more change, togther.

The Menu

The menu is Winston for Peace’s exclusive way to present the various events, projects, and initiatives that Winston for Peace has to offer. The menu is a collaborative list that all members can contribute to, so members have more options to select from. Chapters will choose an initiative to tackle the menu. From there they will plan and carry out events related to said initiatives. Members can also choose to participate and attend other chapter projects that interest them. We aim to combine the minds and talents of all Winston for Peace Club members.

Our Community Club

In an effort to involve those of all ages and we have created one big community club divided into chapters that are dedicated to specific initiatives. Some examples include health (physical health and mental health) and education. This set up makes it so people can focus on the initiative that they are most passionate about. We still are strong advocates for youth-leaders, as we are youth-led at the top, so elevating youth voices within these chapters is crucial. However, input from everyone, including adults is important for the success of the events and projects within each chapter.

Our Initiatives/CHapters

Peace & Justice
Youth Development
Insufficient Resources

The Health Chapter focuses on aspects of health and mental health. In this chapter, projects and events will be related to spreading awareness and improving the lives of mental health and health issues. This chapter will also have a big focus on projects to help the those effected by COVID-19. 

The Education Chapter focuses on aspects of school and student resources. Projects and events will be related to helping and connecting students to resources that they need. 

Peace and Justice is our main and our most active chapter. This chapter works on educating the community of social justice issues through our upcoming video series, hosting and planning rallies and marches, and engaging is political aspects like voting and call to actions.

Our Youth Development Chapter centers around youth mentorship as well as events and projects for underprivileged younger youth. 

The Insufficient Resources Chapter is a chapter that will partner with others to raise funds, host drives, and collab with other organizations to get resources to people that need it in the city of Winston-Salem. They will collect and distribute these resources.