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Everyone regardless of age or background is welcomed in our community club and chapters. You are more than welcome to join multiple initiative chapters. As members, you are expected to help create and execute events and projects related to the initiative of your chapter. We have programming and resources to help propel and support these efforts. We hope to make real change in our city and elevate the voices of everyone in the process. Join today!

CLub Structure

Winston for Peace clubs gives students access to our resources and a network of student leaders and allows youth participation in social justice and community outreach projects. Students will have the opportunity to plan and implement events and initiatives which they create. Club leaders will utilize Group Me and periodic Zoom meetings to stay in contact with members. Leaders of each of the five initiative chapters will also be in continuous contact with organization leaders for updates on the organization (events, opportunities for clubs, etc). Members can log onto the Winston For Peace website to access information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and anything else they would like to know about the organization. 

Member Sign up

Sign up to be a Community Club Member and choose the initiative(s) that sparks your interest most. For initiative, descriptions visit the OUR CLUB. You will receive an automatic email with information to join the Group Me groups for your chosen initiative(s). Then you can began working on your first projects and events!

(University, high school, or school-aged youth)
Let us know what your skills, interests, and passions are. Have you been to a Winston 4 Peace Event? What made you interested in community outreach and social justice issues?
Find more info on our OUR CLUB page!