About Us

How did we begin?

Winston for Peace was founded on May 31, 2020, at the height of the BLM movement. It started as an account on Instagram (@winston4peace) that I used to promote the first large scale peaceful protest in my city (Winston-Salem, NC) in response to the George Floyd video. The protest was on May 31 and it received widespread support from the citizens of Winston-Salem. Two weeks into June, Winston for Peace had gained thousands of followers and likes. I had been promoting and organizing other protests through the account and it became the exclusive account for Winston-Salem social justice information. I then knew I had to utilize the large platform I had been given to create something long term. I had a vision to make real change in my city. 

I sat down with community and youth leaders alike and came up with Winston-Salem for Peace and Justice. I started reaching out to people. I wanted to have a youth-led mutual aid group where all events and projects were spearheaded and run by youth in the community. What better way to find youth passionate about social justice initiatives and community outreach, than through social media?  Most recently we have used the account to recruit club leaders and have created extensive programming for each chapter.

– Olivia A. Moore, Founder