To engage Winston’s youth in social justice and community issues by promoting student-led initiatives that lead to real change.


Our club utilizes the minds of the future (students) to accomplish the goals of a community outreach group as well as tackle social justice issues, improving both the community in which they serve and educating the youth about social issues in the process.


We are driven to make creative and effective initiatives for activism and community outreach in Winston-Salem. At Winston 4 Peace, activism will never be a trend, and community outreach will never be “just for volunteer hours”. It is our mission to give the most passionate a platform to accomplish change. We do this by elevating youth voices within our community chapters and giving everyone a chance to let their voices be heard.


We aim to educate the youth of social justice issues in our community and around the world to help students better tackle real-world problems by looking at them from multiple viewpoints.​


Youth and members will use their knowledge and create community outreach events, projects, and initiatives and put their own spin on it. This gives students opportunities to utilize a plethora of resources and their own creativity to make real change.



Winston-Salem for Peace and Justice is a local youth-led organization that aims to provide students with the opportunity to advance their own solutions to the social issues that matter most to them. The community outreach is run by students, who are given free rein to design and implement their own events with support from Winston for Peace.


Winston for Peace was founded on May 31, 2020, months ago at the height of the BLM movement. It started as an account on Instagram (@winston4peace) that we used to promote the first large scale peaceful protest in Winston-Salem, NC in response to the George Floyd video. We decided to utilize our platform to elevate and unify the voices of the future to help our community.

Upcoming Events